This week’s news update

The motion below will be debated by the Northern Ireland Assembly on Monday 29th April at approximately 1pm. All week, we have been putting up details of how the MLAs voted last time and it can really make a difference if you write to your MLA to get them to support this motion. To assist those who wish to contact their MLA, we have set up a Facebook event, a ‘Write to your MLA campaign’, details of which can also be found here on the website, under Events. We are also organising a demonstration outside Stormont for the time of the motion, and again, details can be found on Facebook and on the Events page of the website. Please keep up to date with these and other equal marriage developments through our Facebook and Twitter pages, details of which can be found under Contact Us.

The motion is as follows –

Marriage Equality at the Constitutional Convention Proposed:
That this Assembly recognises the importance of the Constitutional Convention; notes the participation of parties from the Assembly; welcomes the 79 per cent majority vote at the Constitution in favour of marriage equality; and calls on the Executive to bring forward the necessary legislation to allow for same sex marriage.
Ms C Ruane Ms B McGahan Mr B McElduff

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